Work Package 5: Cost-benefit analysis and decision support for stakeholders

Main Partners

  • Jørgen Dejgård Jensen (IFRO) (WP leader)
  • Liza Rosenbaum Nielsen (IPH),
  • Lis Alban (IVS/DAFC)

External Collaborators:

  •  Jonhatan Rushton (Royal Veterinary College, UK)
  •  Henk Hogeveen (University of Wageningen, NL)

Main objectives

  1. Conduct cost-benefit analyses of alternative livestock production strategies to reduce the risk of developing antibiotic resistance in animals and humans,
  2. Policy recommendations regarding economically efficient strategies to reduce or change the use of antibiotics
  3. Identify critical factors for these strategies to be economically efficient and feasible at stakeholder and national level.

Task 5.1. Biological effects of on-farm risk mitigating strategies

Scientist in charge: Post Doc (IPH)

We will investigate biological effects relevant to production economics and human health of on-farm alternative risk mitigating strategies, compared to current practices involving antimicrobial treatment, including practices investigated in WP2 and WP4.

A key aim of the project will be to describe the associations between antibiotics use – and alternative - practices in livestock production on the one hand, and human and animal health risks due to antibiotic resistance on the other, and the development in these associations over time.

Practices to be analysed will be coordinated with WP2 and WP4, in order to enable economic perspectives on the strategies investigated in those two work packages.

The project will include reviews of existing literature, analysis of existing data and risk modelling, and development of partial budgeting model on biological and economic effects of risk mitigation measures at herd level, and the project will provide inputs (e.g. animal and human health risk effect estimates) to the economic analyses in task 5.2.)

Task 5.2. Economic effects of on-farm risk mitigating strategies at farm, sector and society level

Scientist in charge: Jørgen Dejgård Jensen (IFRO)

A 3-year PhD project will investigate economic effects of on-farm alternative risk mitigating strategies, at farm, sector and society level, based on inputs from task 5.1.

Whereas interest at the farm level is focused on effects affecting farm profitability, including animal growth and mortality, treatment costs and sales prices, analyses at the society level also address human health effects and the derived consequences for health care costs, absenteeism, labour productivity, mortality, etc. The task will address these issues of incentive-compatibility and lead to policy recommendations regarding economic feasibility and incentive-compatibility of alternative strategies to reduce antibiotics resistance risks.

The project will combine findings from existing literature with analysis of farm accounts data, budgeting models on farm-level economic effects of risk mitigation measures, economic modelling of the agricultural sector and cost analysis of human health consequences related to antibiotic resistance.

Furthermore, the project will be in close contact with activities in WP6 (Societal issues & governance) with regard to understanding e.g. the role of economic incentives in livestock producers’ practices regarding animal health care.