UC-Care contributes to high quality of education at UCPH by providing first-class research training and new teaching opportunities for BSc, MSc and PhD students at the 4 Faculties. A new IT-based PhD course on Antibacterial Research has been established in the new national database for PhD courses. We anticipate supervision of at least 15 MSc projects affiliated to UC-Care, and part of the budget has been reserved to cover the laboratory costs for these projects.

All students affiliated to UC-Care will receive state-of-the-art training in antibacterial drug discovery and development, which will make them attractive employees for pharmaceutical, biotech and related healthcare industries. Today, after the exit of some of the big pharmaceutical from antibacterial drug discovery space observed in the 1980s and 1990s, there is a great need for excellent, innovative scientists specialised in antibacterial research and drug discovery.

UC-Care will also contribute to education of doctors, patients, veterinarians, farmers and animal owners about rational use of antibiotics. WP4 will play an important role in educating general practitioners and veterinarians to rational antibiotic prescription, thereby improving compliance to the national guidelines on antibiotic use.